In the field of biology, Darwin's conception of evolution was being formulated. His deep interest in natural history led Darwin , at the age of 22, to board the Beagle as a naturalist without pay and to cruise for five years in South American waters. After returning to England with a large amount of data and valuable experience, he took up residence in the village of Down in London's outskirts and actively raised animals and cultivated plants to conduct experiments relative to the problem of evolution. In 1859 he published " Origin of Species," the result of 20 years' research, in which he supported his theory with many examples and asserted that natural selection is the major factor in the process of evolution.



I believe that those of us engaged in the study of nature would do well to learn from Darwin's attitude. In the spring of 1936 I visited Darwin's former residence. The house in which he lived is preserved in its original state.

The tenement house in which he observed the effect of sunlight on the growth of plants likewise remains as it was in his day.



Major discoveries, epochal in nature, occurred toward the end of the 19th Century. The discovery of the X-ray by Roentgen of Germany led to the discovery of radioactivity by Becquerel of France and of radium by Mme. Curie of Poland. It also paved the way for the discovery of the electron by Sir Joseph John Thomson of England. Moreover, these various discoveries of the 19th Century became in all cases the preparatory discoveries for the development of contemporary science.



The present century too has been outstanding progress in bacteriology. Although he was a chemist rather than a physician, Pasteur of France exerted profound influence on practical medicine and public sanitation through his achievements in bacteriology and his introduction of preventive inoculation against infectious diseases. He originated the sterilization method for milk and beer that is known as pasteurization. In addition, not only did he discover the cause of pebrine, the silkworm disease, and

its prevention but also succeeded in developing a method of vaccination against anthrax as well as perfecting a method of vaccination against  hydrophobia. During all that time, he was attacked from many quarters and had to endure great hardships.



In 1892, at a celebration of Pasteur's 70th birthday held in grand style, he rose to speak. At the end of his speech he turned to a group of young students and, arising his voice, exclaimed:


「わが青年よ! 安逸なるなかれ



そして なんじらまず自ら問え

われは何をなせしか 祖国のために尽すところありしかと




"Young men !  Never lead an idle life.

When criticized or attacked, do not despair.

Dwell in the calm peace of the laboratory and the library.

And ask yourselves first of all:

What have we done ?  How have we served our country ?

Then strive so that you may one day feel unending joy

In knowing that you have contributed

To the progress and prosperity of mankind."



What reassuring words these are !



At the beginning of the 20th Century, Startling new theories appeared in the world of physics. This was the development of the theory of relativity and the quantum theory. Attention was later centered on the study of quantum mechanics and the atomic nucleus, and  finally success was achieved in artificially producing nuclear fission and using the enormous energy possessed by the atom.



In the medical field, the discoveries made in chemotherapy in recent years deserve mention. 



In this way, search for the universal truths is today becoming ever more extensive. Natural science is seeking to discover the truths in each of the many domains into which it is divided.



This is the course of nature and derives from the feeling that lies deeply submerged in the hearts of men never to rest in the pursuit of the universal truths.



In the case of my own studies, I at first carried out experiments concerning the heart, but while I was in the United States in 1918, I became aware of the importance of the problem of tuberculosis and I have been making efforts since then aiming chiefly to perfect a method of treatment based on a modulation of the bodily constitution.




Where Is Science Leading Us ?



 Astronomers probe the size and structure of the starry heavens; biologists uncover the secrets of life; all seek within their respective branches of learning to discover the law of Mother Nature. From now on, science will continue to develop without limit through the untiring efforts of scholars, thus revealing the truths of the natural world while, on the other hand, 

the principles discovered will undoubtedly be applied to the realities of human existence so as to promote the welfare of mankind to the uttermost.



Although natural science was generally considered up to now as leading merely to a materialistic civilization, this was a prejudice that saw only the phase of practical application. Now through the power of science, the truths of  the universe are being successively demonstrated before our eyes.



In repetition, natural science first began with matter as the object of study, but with the development of science we are drawing closer, step by step to the universal truths. Guided by science, men will ultimately encounter the true aspect of Mother Nature and, enfolded in the bosom of Nature, will surely feel the boundless joy of living. 



The way in which many scholars including Roger Bacon, Bruno and Galileo devoted their lives to the study of nature ; then again, the picture of those engaged in natural research today as they, at times, come into contact with the subtle reality of the universe and at other times, while sensing nature's beautiful harmony, are transported with joy as their hearts are captivated by the mystic principles of Mother Nature -- all this can be regarded as eloquent testimony of what has been and is occurring.



In this way natural science, which originally started with matter as the object 0f study, not only accelerates the construction of material human civilization, but itself guides mankind even before it is aware of it to the pavilion of universal truths and, as the portals to the secrets of Mother Nature are opened one by one, it is even now inviting mankind on to a deeply inspiring religious realm.



It is often said that natural science has its limitations but this is because of the definition that natural science is the systematic description of experienced realities. In actuality, however, science has of late made an extraordinary intrinsic development and the impression given is that it has already left behind the domain of matter. Today the ultimate aim is considered to be the study and explanation of the real existence hidden in the background of experience.



The reason why the many dangers, disorders and disasters threatening contemporary men are more terrible than experienced in the past is that the numerous powers acquired through science have been misused. It is also simply because men have centered their attention up to now on the materialistic application of science, failing to comprehend the intrinsic objective of science, namely, to lead us to the truths of Mother Nature.



Mankind, however, is young as yet. If the history of mankind were to be regarded as one stage - in other words, if we view the struggle being made by life as it constantly improves while advancing toward the attainment of its ideals, then will we awaken before long to the intrinsic and correct mission of science and know that we will overcome the present dangers, without fail.



Art Makes Life Enjoyable



With the talent granted to them by nature, men are constantly engaged in the creation of literature and art.  The style of expression may have changed with each age but efforts to perfect beauty -- in painting, architecture, sculpture and music ーー have constantly been made from ancient times to the present. More and more in such a way are men's lives being substantially enriched.





Furthermore, in recent years, not only motion pictures and stage productions but also radio and television are making social life increasingly enjoyable. As men's feelings become refined in this way, ever more beautiful art will undoubtedly be born.



Men love art and are trying to create a superb art.



What has been set forth up to now is the movement of mankind as a whole in the long months and years since the dawn of history as seen from the five standpoints of Love, Wisdom, Goodness as well as Truth and Beauty. Although each individual in human society may seem to be acting as he pleases and as fancy strikes him, mankind as a whole is moving in a fixed direction.



Thus Do We Live In Actualituy



What, then, should men do to live in this world realistically and to lead a confident life ?



 To do so, they should fully grasp the previously mentioned outlook on nature, outlook on life and outlook on humanity. With full comprehension that themselves are a part of nature, that an unseen but mighty force is latent in the natural world, that they too were created and are controlled by this force, they should communicate with this unseen but mighty force and become one with the movement of Mother Nature while endeavoring to attain the ideals common to all mankind: TruthーWisdom-Goodness-Love-Beauty.



If each passing hour is spent in this way, men's hearts will be filled at all times with hope for future and they will be able to lead a most blessed and grateful life. This is how men's hearts should be. Surely such a faith will be accepted by the people of the future.



In the world today a fairy large number of calamities can be warded off by human effort, but there are also times when some happening that is entirely unexpected and sudden will be encountered. There is no telling when even a person who is today leading a very happy and favorable existence might suddenly be plunged into the depth of sorrow.



At such times, if one is attuned to the unseen but mighty force that is latent in the natural world, there will be something within his soul on which he can rely and, filled with the determination to try again, he will recover the courage to venture anew. That is why one who lives with such an outlook on life will never be disheartened.



All those who live with such an outlook on life will surely live each day seriously and yet cheerfully, grateful for having been born into this world as human beings.



 Traditionally we Japanese are prone to conceal our emotions. With submission and resignation considered as virtues, it is customary to regard a meditative and glum expression as being good. But instead of that, I believe that the Japanese, with proper outlook on life, should brighten their lives and always lives pleasantly and cheerfully. Although immoderate laughter should be guarded against, a smile is better than a sour face. At times it is good to sing as well as to dance.

In any case, while the utmost efforts are being exerted,

there are times when physical and mental relaxation is necessary. It is also believed that a certain degree of humor is desirable. This will be helpful in ameliorating to some extent the confrontation that exists in the feelings between men.                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Moreover, those who live with such an outlook on life will at all times love their neighbor.



Thus, in case a neighbor is ill, such a person will pray in his heart for a speedy recovery and this genuine and beautiful feeling of sympathy will at once be transformed and appear as kindly and hospitable nursing and the right kind of medical care.                                                                                                                                                                          


Then again, in case that person himself unfortunately becomes sick and suffers, he will, while introspecting, consider it a good opportunity for spiritual training and will calmly wait the day of recovery without showing impatience. It is often in sickness or in unfortunate circumstances that one is enabled to know life as it really is.



From the vocational standpoint too, no matter what occupation a person may be engaged in, it is possible for everyone to live with this outlook on life and, while endeavoring in the respective fields most suited to their talents to realize the ideals common to mankind, they will be able to lead a confident existence. For instance, if a scholar concentrates on the pursuit of truth or if an artist devotes his energy to the creation of beauty, in each case his very existence will coincide with the road to the attainment of an ideal. The same holds true for those engaged in all other occupations.                                                    


 As an example, if a statesman possesses such an outlook on the world, he will undoubtedly be fired with the enthusiasm to conduct government in the best way to provide for the true happiness of the people in general. If a businessman lives with such an outlook on life, he will try wholeheartedly to contribute to society through his business. Needless to say, these are manifestations of Love and Goodness. When this occurs, people engaged in every kind of toil will feel that life is worthwhile. Workers will live with pride in being workers.



In the case of young students, they are striving to gain Wisdom, that is to say, correct knowledge so that they will be able, upon entering society in the future, to endeavor for the realization of the ideals of Goodness and Love, as well as Truth and Beauty.



We human beings must, of course, safeguard our precious lives and must plan for the propagation of our own kind. We cannot completely discard all desires. The thing to do is to reconcile them with our ideals.



There is one thing more that should not be forgotten. That is that while we are born as members of society from the outset, the state of society tends to become increasingly complex as civilization advances. Therefore, if we seek, while existing in the midst of society, to lead a confident life according to our respective abilities, how to live as members of society become very important.



In this sense, I believe that it is desirable to experience, if possible, some sort of group life while one is young. In my own case, I feel that the dormitory life I led during my student days and my having been an oarsman and a member of the swimming team have been of great value to this day. That is why I add mention of it here.



Let Us Build A pleasant Society To Live In



In an essentially favorable social situation, people should confidently be able to lead a pleasant life while endeavoring, in the respective fields suited to their capabilities, to attain the ideals common to mankind. Society today, however, is by no means perfect.



In Japan in particular, more than 90 million people are confined in four small and preponderantly mountainous islands. The actual life of these people cannot necessarily be a life of ease.



Accordingly, we should make the most of the abilities granted to us by nature and at all times voluntarily strive in a positive manner to create a better society, a pleasant society in which to live.



Nevertheless, the various problems that demand the earliest possible solution from the social policy standpoint do not exist within one's own country alone. As a result of the progress made today by airplanes and the radio, global distances have shrunk remarkably and pending questions, such as those of trade, immigration and development of natural resources, increasingly require harmonious international agreements.



That is why it is important for us, as world citizens and with neither a sense of inferiority nor of superiority toward other races, to enhance our own culture so that we will be respected and loved by the people of the world.

In order, however to secure the supreme solution - true unity and fullest cooperation among mankind - what is absolutely necessary, above all else, is a fundamental rebuilding of the human spirit.



In other words, we of the human race, while existing on one small planet in the infinity of Mother Nature, are promised a glorious future as the paramount intellect in the solar system. Under such a common concept of mankind, all men on earth should always be in harmony and united in peace for all time.



By renouncing all forms of violence, rivalry henceforth should appear rather in the efforts to attain Truth, Wisdom, Goodness, Love and Beauty, the ideals common to mankind.



In the world today, there is an ideological confrontation between two social structures, resulting in a considerable amount of confusion, but in the large view of things, this is one stage in the evolution of mankind and if all men on earth were to live with a proper outlook on the world, a pleasant world of love is bound to appear as a matter of course.



This being so, if all men on earth were to possess the proper outlook on the world, it would be the dawn of the day when the world will be in its most ideal state viewed from the social standpoint, the individual standpoint, materially, spiritually, and from all other standpoints. This world will then be transformed, as it were, into a Paradise on Earth.



Although it may seem very roundabout at first glance, I believe that spreading the proper outlook on the world is the only road to a rebuilding of society in the most fundamental manner. That is why not only do I myself live with such an outlook on the world but I hope that the day will speedily come when as many men as possible will live with this outlook on life and the world.




I would like to add one thought in conclusion.

The society of tomorrow will be formed by the youth of today. Tomorrow's better society will be born from the correct outlook on the world possessed by the young men and women of today. May they continue their efforts to create the next and much better age, to construct the next and much better society! That is my earnest desire. (End)